Explore the magical world of Turisedia in the green-ringed adventure park

More than a thousand years ago, a Slavic high culture, which called itself the PEOPLE OF TURISEDIA, lived in the meadows of the river Neisse. At the same spot today their history is blossoming to new life! For here, in the adventurous leisure park Kulturinsel Einsiedel, one can not only let the mind stray away, but also look for the traces to the history of the Turisedians. With the help of the ancient spirits of Turisedia we created an open-air research project that reconstructs the art, culture and nature of this almost forgotten people.

At this magical and historical location, young and old find fascinating discovery worlds, underground secret passageways, tree houses, climbable architectures, treetop walks, funky animals, archaic wellness facilities, wild water games, numerous festivals and events as well as the Turisedian ceremonial hall "The Krönum". All of these prove how turbulent it must have been during the times of the people of Turisedia.

All this can hardly be experienced in a single day. Therefore it is a good thing that many of the unique tree houses also invite you to an adventurous overnight stay.

The cultural island - Kulturinsel Einsiedel - is constantly changing and growing until the former empire of Turisedia is completely reconstructed. Even beyond the river Neisse, in the Polish adventure village Bielawa Dolna, you can find new and unique attractions, like the EscapeRoom in the View-Cafe. 



Park & Attractions

The Adventure Park Kulturinsel Einsiedel and its attractions

Surrounded by deep forests and sunny meadows lays - at the most eastern point of Germany - the Kulturinsel Einsiedel (culture island hermitage): A very uncommon Funpark without rides but with real adventures. In dark pathways, build deep down in historical earth, where once the People of Turisedia dwelled, you can hear now the sound of bright children's voices.  On winding paths through the green-ringed adventure wilderness silver-haired hikers look for the secrets of the Turisedian Fountain of Youth and relax in wood-fire heated bathing cauldrons.


It's a place for body and soul, a place where you may meet your inner child - in case  you are usually mistaken as adult.

Here you will find all the information about the leisure park itself and what it offers. You will find something exciting for everyone! Turisedian word of honor!


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The cultural island Kulturinsel Einsiedel is a labyrinth in which the secrets of a lost culture are hidden at every corner. A world for explorers, adventurers and anyway for the whole family!

The people of Turisedia were governed by the childish king, they possessed a mysterious source of energy, and developed numerous techniques that made Turisedia a high culture a 1000 years ago. Take a look at the history and discover the secrets of Turisedia in the museum Historum.

On the hottest days the Turisedians stayed in the splashy valley of the water demons. Originally, this place originated out of their leaking water system.

After long researches it was possible, to breed the animals of Turisedia. They were regarded as companions, offered oracle-like predictions for weather and harvest, and often had an aesthetic significance.



Deep down into the earth leads a network of secret passages. The whole land of Turisedia must have been been undermined. The goal was to confuse enemies and menacing animals. The children of Turisedia knew how to use these tunnels as a shortcut between two exciting play areas. Be careful! In some tunnels you can still find the ancient spirits of the ancestors!

More than 40 tree houses can be found on the island of Turisedia. In some, you can solve puzzles, enjoy the environment or even stay overnight.



The wild East is calling! Walk from the adventure park Kulturinsel Einsiedel over the swimming bridge above the river Neisse into the exciting neighboring world. There you will find the adventure village Bielawa Dolna.

Ninepins Billiard

Playing ninepins is fun - Playing billiard, too. But even better is the Ninepins Billiard at the Kulturinsel Einsiedel. Here the pins are cleared over the edge! An attraction for all those who can never get enough and those who want to face new challenges. Before you can start, you only have to get the key from our staff at the Trollpforte, which will ask for a deposit. And afterwards please clean up everything nicely.



The Adventure Village Bielawa Dolna in Poland

The Adventures continue beyond the river Neisse

You want even more adventures? Then you can just cross the river Neisse to get to the neighboring world of the Kulturinsel Einsiedel in Poland.

In addition to the numerous adventures of the green-ringed leisure park, venturous explorers can now discover the Polish side of the river Neisse. There one can find the largest, connected forest area of Central Europe, which attracts hikers with numerous trails. But that's not all: more funky animals, magical forestry, the mystic EscapeRoom, the View-Café, a pedal-car course, the tree house gallery and much more await you here.

The exciting neighboring world is connected to the Kulturinsel Einsiedel by a floating pedestrian bridge. There you can be pause in the Neisse Café, which floats on the border river.



The gate to the river Neisse (Neissepforte)

Visitors of the Kulturinsel Einsiedel can now walk to the border river Neisse via the newly constructed backgate called "Neissepforte". But before you have to go past the cute meerkats on the roof, which are the guardians of the gate.

The sensational adventure village Bielawa Dolna can by reached by crossing the floating bridge, which connects German hiking and cycling routes with the trails of the Polish side. On the bridge itself you can find the Neisse Café, which is floating on the river, as well as the small river beach. On the Polish side, the Ciuchcia railway has its stop, which on request takes hikers and curious explorers on board to show them the Polish neighboring world.

Tree House Village in the Swamp of the Alders

The wildest tree house architectures grow in a small wetland. Every year to the Tree-House-Building-Day (a competition of Tree House Builders) everyone can help and create new, bizarre houses and works of art. And you can also win amazing prizes!

Forestspirits in the Park of Sculptures

Every year at the festival Folklorum, a symposium of wood sculptors, carvers and metal artists takes place. Wondrous beings arise from their skillful hands. The finished art can be admired on the way through Bielawa Dolna or you can observe the birth of these fabulous figures at the Folklorum of the birth of these fabulous figurines.



1. German-Polish Community of Buffalos

A multicultural herd of cattle are enjoying each others company on the great floodplain to graze peacefully with each other. Highland cattle, a yak, a family of Hungarian grey cattle and water buffalos have gathered here.The best outlook one can enjoy from the buffalo-view-tree-house, which looks over the extensive grounds of the community.

Goat Castle with Labyrinth

The Goat Castle arises before you reach the access to the community of the buffalos. Those who venture into its labyrinthine passages may find the goat family, which resides here.

Even more Animals

Other animals you can discover on your safari through Bielawa Dolna are, for example, woolly pigs, llamas and kangaroos.

The View-Café

Sehcafe mit EscapeRoom im Turiuswinkel

True discoverers will be well pleased in the so called Turius-corner (Turiuswinkel) in the Polish Bielawa Dolna. Here they await lots of surprises and revelations. It would be too simple to expect only opulent drinking and gluttony in the newly opened View-Café. Because here the researcher of the land of Turisedia was lingering and left some secrets... The Café is open during the summer season of the Kulturinsel Einsiedel from 10am till 6pm.

Solve the riddles and create your escape within an hour from our EscapeRoom "Versteckum"! In the last days of the war (around 1945) Count Welldone, one of the most important figures of the research of Turisedia, lived in a secret room in Bielawa Dolna. From here he undertook his explorations to the ruins of Turisedia. Nowadays no traces can be found from the Count himself and his many records. But maybe brave and sharp-witted explorers can reveal the secrets of the mysterious room of Welldone...



For the maturity test of the Hunters of Turisedia an excursion with an arrow and arch led beyond the river Neisse. It was often combined with a boat trip, during which the group had to land on the wild shores of the river. Then they measured their skills in aiming and quick drawing. Afterwards, the new members of the hunters were celebrated big-time.



Give your feet a break and take a ride in our cozy Ciuchcia train through the neighboring world of Poland! It will be even more exciting if you combine the train ride with a rafting trip on the river Neisse.

Pedal cars and Paddle Boats

Not only do the children rule over us, but they also drive cars with us. However, the cars are still operated with their feet, as they were in the old days of Turisedia. But you can go on a safari with them and visit the wild goats as well as the community of the buffalos. For little captains there are also our paddle boats for rent.

The Kulturinsel Einsiedel is linked to the Oder-Neisse cycle path. Furthermore it is also a good starting point for various cycling routes, which wind through wonderful landscapes in Germany and Poland. It is also worthwhile to take family trips by bike to other tourist attractions in the surrounding area.

Mill-Café with Boating Pond for coffee-breaks

Those, who venture further into the Adventure Village, will find themselves right next to the weir of the Mill-Café. Here they can find fresh coffee and homemade cakes, and if you want, take both of them on a romantic gondola ride.



Exhibition "Strokes of Fate"

The exhibition "Strokes of Fate" shows the escape stories of the almost forgotten forest village Bielawa Dolna on 6 plaques, which are spread around the village. Here, stories tell of personal experiences and dramatic destinies of families of German and Polish "expellees" in the Second World War. They show the moving composition of the changing history of the meadows along the Neisse and a constantly changing population.



In our Tree-House-Camp you can stay either in your own tents or in the Archaic-Turisedian accommodation for groups of up to 28 people. Infront of the camp there is a fire place, showers, toilets and a bathing couldron.

During the holidays the Kulturinsel Einsiedel and copartners offer an incredible program with German-Polish adventures, cross-border friendships and compelling nights at the Tree-House-Camp on the River Neisse.

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