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We cannot understand why adults do not know why children prefer computer games to playing outside on a playground. Computer games offer them exciting tasks, challenge their creativity and enable the discovery of new worlds. How can a plain playground, which normally consists of an array of sports equipment, compete with this temptation?



Da guckste in die (Gitter-)Röhre


Our counter-proposal consists of small theme worlds. They offer games, where kids can be more active than playing computer and they become the meeting place for their peers and like-minded people. An individual themed play area is also something the children are proud of and provides them with a feeling of security.


Kervel - castle with tower as slide (France, 2013)

Kervel France castle Kuenstlerische Holzgestaltung Kulturinsel Einsiedel
Kervel France castle Kuenstlerische Holzgestaltung Kulturinsel Einsiedel
Kervel France castle Kuenstlerische Holzgestaltung Kulturinsel Einsiedel

Boltenhagen - Germany (2012)

Ecureuils Squirrel Playground - France (2011)

Carpe Diem Noise Protection Wall with included playground - France (2011)

Oranienburg schoolyard - Germany (2011)


Overath Arbour - Germany (2011)

Wolfratshausen Fairy Tree - Germany (2011)

Guttau Reformation - Germany (2011)

Moulinal Hill with Mill Playground - France (2011)

Regniere Doll House - France (2011)

Serfaus Roll play town - Austria (2011)

Las Bousigues Wild West Town - France


On the Camping Site Las Bousigues in southern France an american Wild Western town awaits visiting kids and adults. A labyrinth of rooms opens a variety of wild west role play options like banks, prison, a pillory on the market place and even a stage coach waiting to be robbed by cunning gangsters.



Crimmitschau Medieval Role Play Town


The Kindergarden Bussi Bär possesses a role Play town with medieval character. The play elements encourage children's role playing - being a baker, an instrument maker, the musician or the blacksmith.

Those who are done playing grown up roles may climb, hide or conquer the hill by using the rubber footbridge, a latter or the step stem.




Permanent Carneval in Höffner Köln


In Höffner furniture hall in Cologne several role play elements were installed which have the Carneval as their central theme. Confetti and costume shops or a stage where children may be ressigeur for carneval shows may be found.Also usual indoor playground elements complement the whole ensemble.


Köln Dünnwald Fairy Tale Theme Playground - Germany (2011)


Robber baron's castle, mystery forest and Fairy Palace, horse and chariot and climbing parcours make fairy tales become sort of real. For those who need a little recreation from climbing, crawling and layaway find some rest on the swing of universe.



Rastiland Salzhemmendorf - Germany


Yard, tower and ridge are details of a castle with a six meter slide and grid pipes. Besides different role play options a church is the special icing on the cake.



Brüssel City Wall - Belgium (2007)


In the center of Brussels, on a 100mx40m area, the City Wall may be found. On the backside a Castle Wall with a parapet walk was installed. Additionally a toddler's playground, slides, climbing grid, bird's nest swing, horse and chariot may be found.


Brüssel Stadtmauer
Modell Stadtmauer

Port Aventura Saloon and Blacksmith - Spain (2007)




Saloon Blacksmith
Port Aventura Park
Port Aventura Attraktion
Holz Saloon
Port Aventura
Saloon Biergarten
Biergarten Saloon
Saloon Eingang

Coldenhoven Landal Holiday Park - Netherlands (2007)



Coldenhoven Landal
Ferienpark Holland
Ferienpark Coldenhoven
Kletterburg innen